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Charles J. Kinsolving, W5CJ

Charles, W5CJ
Charles, W5CJ
Ham Radio Station W5CJ and Dog Buffalo
Ham Radio Station W5CJ with Sidekick "Buffalo"


Charles J. Kinsolving, W5CJ, became a "Silent Key" on July 01, 2003 at the age of 70.  His life ended suddenly at his home near Houston, Texas and apparently without any pain or suffering.

Charles, W5CJ, has been a Ham (amateur radio operator) for years and held the Amateur Extra Class License.  He is well known for his outstanding service and dedication to the hobby.  There are many avid hams around today who became licensed thanks to Charles and his willingness to help out.  His many activities included the teaching of code and theory classes to those who were either interested in becoming a ham or who were upgrading to a higher class license.  He was active in ham radio clubs as well as community services and helped to establish the Bay Area Amateur Radio Club (BAARC) near Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Charles is a graduate electrical engineer who has contributed to the disciplines of electronics and communications for nearly fifty years.  He started out with small radio and electronics projects at the age of nine or ten.  His continued thirst for knowledge led him to the study of broadcasting and amateur radio techniques from veteran military radio operators at the close of World War II.  He earned money during his high school and college days by working part-time in radio/television sales and service shops.

After completing college, military service (LT, USNR), and extensive graduate work, Charles pursued a successful career that spanned the fields of electronics, nuclear weaponry, NASA spacecraft, system testing and ballistic missiles.  He contributed to test operations and telemetry design at the White Sands Test Range, New Mexico; the Pueblo Railroad Test Center, Colorado; and the Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona.  His career at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas included support for upgrades to the Space Shuttle television system and its ground support communications and telemetry systems.  Charles was also an expert in computer software and hardware systems.  Most recently he served as a consultant to several industries and organizations.

In addition to his love for family, friends, country, and his interest in ham radio, he also enjoyed photography.  His photographs are so outstanding that he would have surely become famous if time had not run out.  I regret that he was not yet discovered so that many others could enjoy his works.  His photos convey true emotion and artistic value to all who view them.  During the past several months, Charles designed a web site to display some of his photography.  A link to his web site, "Santa Fe Images", has been included here so that these photographic treasures may be shared with everyone.

Click on the link to "Santa Fe Images" :

The "Santa Fe Images" web site should remain "on the air" as Charles has created it, so that it can serve as a virtual museum for all to visit and enjoy.

I have known Charles for approximately 18 years and it is with deepest sympathy and greatest respect that I dedicate this web page to his memory.  His family and friends have been positively influenced by his life and contributions.  He is missed, but the memories that he leaves behind are an inspiration to all who knew him.  Charles is now with the Lord and his life on earth has ended.  He made his final transmission on the ham bands of the mortal and has signed off for the last time.  I know that if Heaven doesn't already have a "Ham Radio Shack", it will be getting one real soon!

Charlie, W5AM

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