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Favorite American Classics of Amateur Radio

The equipment selections listed in the Ham Radio Museum represent a sampling of the most popular radios from each of the major ham radio manufacturers that played a major role in the vacuum tube era.  Some of these radios perform beyond any comparison, while others are just real radio treasures.  Many of these radios offer ways to get back to the traditional spirit and values of amateur radio.  They are the AM and CW vacuum tube radios that can provide a "warm glow" from the vacuum tubes while stirring up some old fashion ham radio fellowship.

Thanks for your interest in this collection!

Your interest in the American classic radios is greatly appreciated whether it is for restoration and operational purposes; their historical significance to the hobby; or for maintaining fond memories.  The overwhelming response to this presentation of the classics indicates a strong interest in the equipment that is part of amateur radio's heritage.  Feedback has been received from many amateurs worldwide, all with a common interest in vintage ham radios. They are definitely part of a "special breed of hams", regardless of their time in the hobby or class of license.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Old Ham Photo
Restoring old radios is cool!
Old Radio Remains
Old radios never die ... they become radio treasures!

The First CQ
In the beginning ... the 1st ham radio


The equipment selections listed in the Ham Radio Museum include some of the most popular radios from each major manufacturer.  However, there are many others out there that are also excellent and should be considered for restoration projects.  The equipment listings are based on radios which were intended primarily for amateur applications or were otherwise popular for this use.  Equipment sizes and weights are approximate as published by the manufacturer.  Actual measurements may vary depending on equipment options and the inclusion of cabinet feet, knobs, connectors, etc. 

The prices listed are the manufacturer's advertised retail catalog prices at the dates shown.  These are not necessarily the exact production dates of the equipment. 

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