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"Let's  Radio!"

   Virtual Ham Shack = remote access
   Ham Library = op. aids, exams, cw, dx
   Ham Tools = radio & ant calculators
   Callsign Search = callsign resources
   Ham Links = various 4000+
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   Search Engines = web resources

   Awards = site awards/credits
   Web Rings = other ham sites
Site  Overview

On The Air with eHamRadio

eHamRadio is a feature of "RADIOING"

eHamRadio is now included as a feature of the Radioing Network (, a web site of the traditional amateur radio spirit and values. "Radioing" entered cyberspace in 1997 with Ham Radio USA (, and has maintained its core dedication to the 3R's of Ham Radio: Radio, Radios, Radioing. There is a special emphasis on the appreciation, restoration, and operation of vacuum tube radios, which are part of ham radio's heritage. Many of these radios offer ways of getting back to the virtues of amateur radio. They are the AM and CW radios that provide a "warm glow" from the vacuum tubes while stirring up some traditional ham radio fellowship.

eHamRadio was established early as one of the first amateur radio websites. This 100% home-brewed site provides Ham Radio resources to complement the network. These include exam study material, operating and technical aids, RSS feeds, news, photos, links, and ham radio for all interests. The intent is to encourage a technical interest in ham radio and electronic communications, while promoting the hobby via the internet. Try home-brewing a ham radio web site to help advance the enjoyment of amateur radio via cyberspace (eHamRadio).

Make Waves with Ham Radio

Ham Radio as a Hobby

Ham Radio combines the electronics, theory and other technical aspects of Radio with the opportunity for "hands-on" operation and management of an Amateur Radio Station (consisting of radios, antennas, accessories). This forms the basis for Hams to enjoy the hobby by Radioing with others world wide. The formula may be expressed as: Radio + Radios + Hams = RADIOING. The various methods of radioing include voice, morse code, data via computers, etc. The propagation of radio signals may involve the use of mother nature's ionosphere or man-made methods such as satellite communications and transponders. Explore the amateur radio license resources on this site, and I hope to see you on the ham bands soon!

Become a ham -- it could change your life!
Bottom line:  "Enjoy ham radio, the greatest hobby ever to harness power from the electron."
-- Charlie, W5AM

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