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MIL-STD-461B & MIL-STD-461C: Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility Requirements for the Control of EMI
Establishes the documentation and design requirements for the control of electromagnetic emission and susceptibility characteristics of electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment and subsystems designed or procured for use by activities and agencies of the Department of Defense. Such equipment and subsystems may be used independently or as an integral part of other systems or subsystems.

MIL-STD-462: Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Characteristics
Establishes techniques used for the measurement and determination of EMI emission and susceptibility characteristics of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical equipment, as required by MIL-STD-461.

Conducted Emissions

CE01: 30 Hz - 15 kHz (Power Leads & Interconnecting Leads)
CE02: N/A
CE03: 15 kHz - 50 MHz (Power Leads & Interconnecting Leads)
CE04: N/A
CE05: N/A
CE06: 10 kHz - 26 GHz (Antenna Terminals)
CE07: Spikes, Time Domain (Power Leads)

Conducted Susceptibility

CS01: 30 Hz - 50 kHz (Power Leads)
CS02: 50 kHz - 400 MHz (Power Leads)
CS03: 15 kHz - 10 GHz (Intermodulation)
CS04: 30 kHz - 20 GHz (Undesired Signal Rejection)
CS05: 30 kHz - 20 GHz (Cross Modulation)
CS06: (Spikes - Power Leads)
CS07: (Squelch Circuits)
CS08: N/A
CS09: Structure (Common Mode) Current, 60 Hz to 100 kHz
CS10: Damped Sinusoidal Transients - Terminals, 10 kHz to 100 MHz
CS11: Damped Sinusoidal Transients - Terminals, 10 kHz to 100 MHz

Radiated Emissions

RE01: 30 Hz - 50k Hz (Magnetic Field)
RE02: 14 kHz - 10 GHz (Electric Field - Power Leads & Cables)
RE03: 10 kHz - 40 GHz (Ant. Spurious & Harmonics)
RE04: N/A
RE05: N/A
RE06: N/A

Radiated Susceptibility

RS01: 30 Hz - 50 kHz (Magnetic Field - Eqpt & Cables)
RS02: Powerline & Spike (Magnetic Induction - Eqpt & Cables)
RS03: 14 kHz - 40 GHz (Electric Field - Eqpt & Cables)
RS04: N/A
RS05: Electromagnetic Pulse Field Transient


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