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Collins 32V-2

Collins 32V-2

Introduction Date / Price: 1950 / $575
Tube List: 0A2 (2), 0A3/VR75 (1), 5R4GY (2), 5Z4 (1), 6AG7 (1), 6AK6 (1), 6SJ7 (1), 6SL7 (2), 6SN7 (1), 7C5 (2),
807 (2), 4D32 (1).


The 32V-2 transmitter is VFO controlled and features bandswitching on all amateur bands between 3.5 and 29.7 megacycles. The rated plate input power is 120 watts phone and 150 watts CW. The transmitter is a table top unit housed in a single cabinet 12 7/16" high, 21 1/8" wide, and 13 7/8" deep. It weighs approximately 105 Ibs. Cabinet openings are provided to assure adequate ventilation for all heat producing elements. The transmitter components are divided into the following units:

 70E-8A Oscillator
 RF Unit
 Output Network
 Speech Amplifier and Modulator
 Power Supply

All wiring is independent of the cabinet, and the complete unit may be removed from the cabinet for inspection or maintenance.

Complete coverage of the 80, 40, 20, 15, 11 and 10 meter bands is obtained with the 32V-2. Quick band-change on all stages is accomplished by bandswitching. Tuning controls of the permeability tuned circuits of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd multipliers are ganged with the oscillator. The final tank consists of impedance matching network with two separate controls located on the front panel, one for tuning and one for loading.

A type 4D32 tetrode power amplifier tube is used in the PA stage. The plate circuit is tuned by a combination pi-network and "L" network which is band switched along with the multiplier stages. This network reduces the output impedance to around 50 ohms on all bands by means of inductance and capacitance switching. The output network can match antenna impedances in the range of 26 to 600 ohms.

A CW sidetone oscillator is used to monitor CW transmissions. A receiver muting connection is available for silencing receivers such as the type 75A during CW transmission break-in operation.

Two heavy duty toggle switches control the low voltage and high voltage circuits.  The switches are so arranged that the high voltage cannot be applied until the low voltage circuits have been energized.


115 volts ac 50/60 cps single phase.

The maximum overall input power requirement is 500 watts at 90% power factor.

The nominal rated power input of the 32V-2 is 120 watts on phone and 150 watts CW.

Audio distortion is less than 8% at 90% modulation with a 1000 cps input frequency.

Within 2 db from 200-3000 cps.

12 7/16 in. high, 21 1/8 in. wide, 13 7/8 in. deep.

105 lbs.

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