Image: KWM-2 Panel Meter

Collins Radios

Favorite Vintage Ads
Slide 01
a. KWS-1 & 75A-4 (August 1956): Forerunner of today!
b. KWM-1 (April 1958): To XYL's Only
Slide 02
a. KWM-1 (July 1958): A Ham's at Home in Car or Castle with a KWM-1
b. KWM-1 (December 1957): First On Every Amateur's Christmas List
Slide 03
a. Collins Christmas (December 1962): Again this year, ham radio brings...
b. S-Line (December 1966): God Jul... Merry Christmas!
Slide 04
a. SM-3 Microphone (December 1965): Happy Holidays old man
b. KWM-2 (December 1970): To the OM from your XYL
Slide 05
a. KWM-2 (May 1966): Gone Fishing!
b. KWM-2 (March 1960): More Pleasure This Spring with a Collins KWM-2
Slide 06
a. KWM-2 (February 1963): NBC News reports history with Collins...
b. S-Line (December 1960): Night falls and you are alone...
Slide 07
a. KWM-2 (1967): Collector's Item
b. KWM-2 & 30L-1 (June 1968): Suitcase System
Slide 08
a. KWM-2 (October 1961): Inside and Out, Concern for Perfection
b. 75S-3B (September 1968): Hands Off
Slide 09
a. KWM-2 (July 1968): Barefoot to Ninety North
b. KWM-2 (April 1971): Stout Heart
Slide 10
a. KWM-2 (May 1960): Point-Packed Field Day Performance
b. KWM-2 (May 1968): Trading Time
Slide 11
a. 30L-1 (March 1967): The Right Shoe
b. 30L-1 (July 1961): Highlight your station with the 30L-1 Linear
Slide 12
a. 30S-1 (July 1960): Collins 30S-1 for the loudest...
b. 30S-1 & 30L-1 (August 1971): Sound Investments
Slide 13
a. 32S-3 (February 1967): The Best Endure
b. KWM-2A (1974): 1974 Still the Performance Leader...
Slide 14
a. 51S-1: Now get SSB with optimum performance...
b. 51S-1 (June 1975): Stand by for the latest word...
Slide 15
a. KWM-380 (December 1981): In the proud tradition of...

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