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* WANTED:  MB-72 Carry Handle for Icom IC-703
    Date: 22-January-2015

* FOR SALE:  Kenwood TS-2000 (HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver)
    Date: 14-January-2015


    Excellent condition, HF 6M 2M 440Mhz 100W DSP, All mode transceiver.  Email for picture and additional information.

    $1000 Includes shipping in the US.

    Mike, K1VLB

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* FOR SALE:  Icom IC-9100 (HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver)
    Date: 02-December-2014


    I have a close to new ICOM IC-9100 with roofing filters (FL-430 & FL-431).  The radio is perfect, not a scratch or ding anywhere, just like new.  It comes complete with all original factory accessories, double box, mic, manuals, power cord, ICOM SM-50 desk mic and SP-23 external speaker.  I also have the ICOM PS-126 power supply.

    All equipment is as new and no issues at all.

    Asking $2,650

    James, N7ASI
    Seattle, WA

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* FOR SALE:  Microwave/RF Energy Harvesting Module
    Date: 28-October-2014


    Show the power of microwave energy harvesting with a new Microwave Energy Detector from RF Diagnostics, LLC.  This educational product collects stray microwave energy from your microwave oven or wireless LAN router and converts it to light!  A two wire dipole antenna and a red LED is soldered to the RFD102A RF-DC Converter module to create this detector.  The red LED is powered by microwave energy that leaks from microwave oven windows and door cracks.  The brighter the light then the more leaked energy there is coming from your microwave.  No batteries needed ever!  A great educational gift for your budding young scientist.

    Assembly Instructions Located At:

    $10 for a Microwave Energy Detector - Assembled.  $8 for an unassembled kit with instructions.

    Tom Budka

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* WANTED:  Hallicrafters SX-115 Receiver
    Date: 13-September-2014

* WANTED:  MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer
    Date: 12-September-2014

    Date: 11-September-2014


    The Yaesu FRG-100 receiver is a high-performance communications receiver providing general coverage reception in CW, SSB, AM, and FM modes from 50 kHz to 30 MHz.  Microprocessor control of major functions permit ease of operation and features that both new and seasoned shortwave listeners will appreciate, at an affordable price.  Reception modes and most receiver functions are push-button selectable from the front panel.  A crisp backlit LCD with adjustable brightness provide frequency read out (down to 10 Hz) and important operational status at a single glance.

    $300 Cash (includes owner's manual)

    404-408-9239 (Atlanta, Georgia)

    James, KK4IZN

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* FOR SALE:  Collins Receivers
    Date: 28-July-2014


    I'm fighting for shelf space - here are some projects I'll never get to:

    Collins 75A1, complete but needs repair. Manual included. $150.00

    R-390A/URR Collins design, built by Stewart-Warner. Complete and was working when stored in 1990. Manual included. $175.00

    Located in Santa Cruz, CA (Bay Area).  These are too big & heavy to ship, so local pickup only.

    Alan, KN2SMF
    (831) 475 7505

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* FOR SALE:  Ham Radio Equipment
    Date: 28-July-2014


    I am reducing my shack size, need to take care of my family and personal bills.

    Icom 7800.....$5,200
    Alpha 9500.....$4,950
    Kenwood TS 990.......$5,850
    Icom IC-R9500.....$6,300
    ACOM 2000a.......$3,870
    Flex 5000a.....$2,050

    Rigs are in great condition cosmetically and electrically.  Non smoking environment.  Excellent condition.  No scratches or blemishes.  Have manual, accessories and original double shipping boxes.

    John, KB3WMG

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    Date: 24-July-2014


    I am selling this amp for a friend that had a family member pass away.  I have had the amp tested locally and the unit is working 100% to factory spec.  I was told that the unit is in original condition and has not had any mods done to it.  The case is in nice shape with a few minor scratches on it, but overall in great shape for a unit of this age.  I can send pictures if needed.  I would perfer local pickup in the Buffalo NY area due to the weight of the unit.

    $1600.00 / BO.

    Dan, N2FWU

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* FOR SALE:  ICOM 735 Transceiver
    Date: 22-July-2014


    ICOM 735 In great condition, unmodified, with stock mic and Shure desk mic.  Like the majority of the 735's, this one is missing the cover door over the lower controls.  Selling with ICOM AH2 In great condition.  This tuner has been modified to accept PL259 connector so it can be used with long wire or stick antenna.  Selling as a set, as is.

    $300.00 Plus actual shipping.  I accept PAYPAL.  I can email the UPS receipt.

    Duke, W7DCW

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* FOR SALE:  Yaesu FTDX 5000 MP Transceiver w/DMU
    Date: 12-July-2014


    Lack of employment forces me to sell my beloved Yaesu FTDX 5000 MP with the DMU and the LP-PAN adapter and sound card for use with a computer and panadapter.  Not a whole lot of hours on the radio as I used my Flex radio as the "main" radio.  Now I'm forced to sell all.

    $5200 for local (Grafton, Ohio) pick up but willing to discuss shipping to lower 48.

    Ken, WD8CCZ

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* WANTED:  BetterRF Yaesu Tune Control
    Date: 05-July-2014

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